Policies, Bylaws and Constitution (Mississauga Girls Hockey League)

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MGHL Constitution, By-Laws and Policies

Hockey Association By-Law and Rules

Document Purpose Date
OWHA Handbook This handbook contains information about the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association current constitution, by-laws, regulations, rules, and policies. 2023 - 2024
Hockey Canada Rule Book This publication includes Hockey Canada Playing Rules along with interpretations (cases) related to the official rules. This is the rule book the MGHL follows. 2022 - 2024

MGHL Constitution and By-Laws

Document Purpose Date
Constitution & By-Laws This document outlines the governing policies of the MGHL and the Board. 5/17/2024 (Revised)

MGHL Policies

Document Purpose Date
Abuse & Harassment To protect MGHL players and volunteers and the community from abuse, harassment, bullying, discrimination and neglect, whether physical, verbal, emotional or sexual in any form. 9/2016 (Revised)
Background Check Policy To comply with the Police Records Checks Reform Act (effective December 2015) as a volunteer organization. This policy also complies with the OWHA Screening policy. 8/2016
Coaching Reimbursement Policy To outline reimbursement for training courses. 9/2021
Disciplinary Process Policy This policy provides transparent and consistent processes for the Disciplinary Committee. 11/3/2022
Dressing Room Policy To recognize diversity and provide a comfortable and safe environment for the female players of MGHL. 5/16/2024 (Revised)
Executive Code of Conduct To provide Executive Committee members with guidelines as to their standard of behaviour, responsibilities, and best practice in fulfilling their obligations to the MGHL. 2016
Executive Conflict of Interest To describe conflicts of interest that must be declared by the MGHL Board. 2016
House League Non-Residency Policy To govern the placement of non-residents in circumstances where the City of Mississauga policies allow for non-resident participation on MGHL House League teams. 7/2017
House League Cancellation & Refunds To outline the charges for House League withdrawal. 5/2/2021 (Revised)
House League Player Call Ups To describe the process for filling roster shortages. 1/22/2021 (Revised)
House League Equal Ice Policy To provide coaching guidelines for fair minimum share of ice time. 2021 (Revised)
On-Ice Safety Policy To ensure the safety of players, volunteers, and the community and the reduction of risk and liability for the MGHL. 9/2016 (Revised)
Privacy & Record Retention Policy To guide the way in which the MGHL collects, uses, retains, safeguards, discloses and disposes of the personal information of prospective members, and others including players, parents, related individuals, trainers, coaches, referees, managers, volunteers and employees. 9/2016 (Revised)
Rep Fee Payments To describe Rep fee billings and payment. 9/28/2022

MGHL General Meeting Minutes

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MGHL Audited Financial Statements

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