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Our vision for the MGHL Hurricanes Rep Program is to provide all skilled female athletes with the opportunity to play in a competitive hockey environment and to develop players to their full potential both on and off the ice. Teams are selected annually following tryouts to compete across Ontario.

The MGHL Rep Program is well represented in Ontario in three different leagues. The U9 to U22A teams play in the Ontario Women’s Hockey League (OWHL); our Senior teams play in the Golden Blades Women’s Hockey League (GBWHL); and our elite level Junior Hurricanes team plays in the Provincial Women’s Hockey League (PWHL).


Female Rep Hockey has seven age divisions; in order from youngest (aged 7) to oldest (aged 22+) these are: U9, U11, U13, U15, U18, U22 and Senior.

The levels, or calibre, of competition offered at the MGHL range from lowest to highest, as follows: B, BB, A, AA.

We have approximately 20+ teams each year representing our league at various divisions and levels which compete across Ontario. Each age group consists of both a minor and a major age group combined, as per the guidelines of the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA). This means that teams are composed of players from two age groups; for example, a U13 team has players aged 11 and 12. Our U18 teams are composed of three age groups, with players from ages 15 to 17.


Coaches apply each year for a team, and are interviewed by the MGHL Selection Committee in November / December for the following season. Coaches select players for their teams during tryouts that take place at the end of the season in April (U9 and up). Coaches select their Coaching / Bench staff, and develop their own budget and season plans (MGHL templates provided.)

If you are interested in learning more about Coaching a Rep level team, please see our Rep Coaches Application Process Page.


Once Coaches are announced, typically around December / January, they may begin to scout MGHL athletes that are playing during the current season to see them in action, both in practice and game situations. Each Coach may have a different approach, and may be looking at various skill sets, potential and even team dynamics / chemistry when considering athletes for their team. Scouting is an important step that occurs in the months leading up to tryouts. Coaches may contact an athlete’s current Coach to help understand their strengths, opportunities and how they may fit in with the next season’s projected team. Athletes that are considering trying out for a Rep Team should proactively reach out to their current Coaches or the next season’s Coaches (once announced) to express their interest and to be sure they are seen.

Players cannot be selected for a team until after official tryouts have been held.


Each year athletes interested in competitive level hockey must attend tryouts for a chance to be selected for a team. Based on OWHA guidelines, all divisions from U9 through to the Senior divisions have tryouts scheduled beginning mid-April through May. (Note that the addition of Spring tryouts for U9 and U11 represents a change to the OWHA sanctioned tryout schedule announced for the 2023-24 season and moving forward.) The MGHL aims to have Tryout Schedules posted by the end of March.

Coaches may have a rough idea of their potential team compositions, and at the higher divisions there may only be a few open spots. However, teams require interested athletes to attend tryouts as this is the final opportunity for coaching staff to evaluate all available players and ensure rosters are adequately filled out according to the team’s needs.


Teams compete from September to April across Ontario each year, and may have a summer development component. Schedules are made available to teams in advance; typically practises / development sessions / exhibition games are announced in September and regular season games are solidified by October.

Generally, Rep athletes should expect to be on the ice three to four times per week: one practice; one development session; and one or two games. Additionally throughout the year, Rep teams will participate in four to six tournaments (typically one away tournament, while the rest are within reasonable driving distance.)


The cost associated with Rep League varies depending on the division and level / calibre of the team, as well as the program each Coach has developed for the upcoming season. Fees typically range between $3000 - $5000+ annually (where the elite AA calibre can be more costly.) Coaching plans and budgets are available by contacting the Head Coach for the upcoming season (see the list of Coach Contacts at MGHL.ca under the “Rep League'' menu item, or by clicking here: MGHL.ca/RepCoaches.)

For more information about our Rep Program, or for any questions or comments, please contact:
Charles Eddie | Rep Director | [email protected]