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Welcome to MGHL Rep Hockey

MGHL Rep Hockey Program Information

MGHL Rep hockey is a competitive stream of girls-only hockey. Teams are chosen based on try-outs each year, and these teams compete across Ontario.


The MGHL Rep program is well represented in Ontario in three different leagues. The U9 to U22A teams play in the Lower Lakes Female Hockey League (LLFHL). Our Senior teams play in the Golden Blades Women’s Hockey League (GBWHL). Our UAA team plays in the Provincial Women’s Hockey League (PWHL). 


The levels of Women’s Rep hockey are categorized as follows:

By level, from highest to lowest: AA, A, BB, B, C

By age, from youngest to oldest: U9, U11, U13, U15, U18, U22, Senior

We have approximately 20 teams each year representing our league at various levels and age groups. Each age group consists of both a minor and a major age group combined as per the guidelines of the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA). This means that teams are comprised of players from two age groups. For example, a U13 team has players aged 11 and 12. U18 teams are comprised of 3 age groups with players from ages 15-17.


Coaches apply each year for a team, and are interviewed by the MGHL Selection Committee in November/December for the following season. Once chosen, Coaches select players for their teams during tryouts that take place at the end of the season in April. Coaches select their Coaching staff, and develop their own budget and season plans. Teams compete from September to April each year, and have a summer Development component.

MGHL Vision

The MGHL Hurricanes Rep Program's vision is to provide all players with the opportunity to play and develop into the best player possible. The program provides players with a competitive hockey environment so they can become a better player and a better person.


The current MGHL Rep Director is Charles Eddie. Contact Charles if you have any questions about our Rep Program at [email protected]