Permission to Skate & Releases (Mississauga Girls Hockey League)

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Permission to Skate & Releases

Updated January 17, 2021

No player is allowed to skate with another female hockey association (including 'birthday skates’) until mid-April of the year they are trying out for, and only with permission from their current association.  

No PTS (Permission to Skate) form or RELEASE will be processed until the Team Manager of the players’ current team confirms that the player does not have any outstanding financial obligation to the team.   

What is a PTS (Permission to Skate) and when do I need one?

  • Every player registered to an association cannot skate with another female organization without approval from their current association.  
  • A Permission to Skate is the form required you complete if you want to tryout for another female hockey association.

What is a release and when so I need one?

  • A Release removes you from the MGHL. You are “assigned" to a new Association in the OWHA database.
  • No paper releases will be provided. When you sign with a new association an automatic release will be generated in the registration system. The Registrar will confirm the player does not have any outstanding obligations to their current team and will perform the electronic release.

Process to obtain a PTS

Follow one of the two instructions below:
  1. Download, print and complete the OWHA Permission to Skate form (form pending for 2021/2022 season)Scan/email the form to the email as instructed below.
  1. Download the PDF version of the OWHA Permission to Skate form (form pending for 2021/2022 season). Fill it out on your computer and save the form with a different file name. Email the form as an attachment to the email as instructed below.

Email completed forms to [email protected] using the subject line structure "PTS - Current Team - Player Name." MGHL will keep the original and a signed, scanned copy will be sent to your email address. If you do not get a response within 72 hours, please re-submit to ensure that nothing is lost. Make copies of the PTS and take one with you to every tryout at other associations - they will need a copy.

Note: This form does not become available from the OWHA for the following season until early April.  Please check the dates on the form closely to ensure you have the correct for. Incomplete forms or incorrect subject lines will result in your form being returned for re-submission.

What if I decide I want a PTS during a Hurricanes tryout?

  • Blank copies of PTS forms will be at all tryouts and an executive of the MGHL will be on hand to sign as required.