Hurricanes Assist Program (Mississauga Girls Hockey League)

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The Hurricanes Assist Program


The Hurricanes Assist Program is in place to ensure that hockey is accessible for all players in the Mississauga Girls Hockey League (MGHL).

The Assist Program helps reduce financial barriers by connecting MGHL players and families with financial resources and supports available in the community, providing funding opportunities through the MGHL Hurricanes Assist Fund, providing the opportunity for individual player sponsorship through the Sponsor-A-Hurricane Initiative, and providing the opportunity for families to help themselves with opportunities through league-wide fundraising programs.

Program Components

  1. Promote available resources: create a single, easy access point to make helpful information and resources (websites, grants, scholarships, etc.) about financial assistance available to players. 

  2. Hurricanes-Assist-Fund: an established fund (finite financial resources) that can be accessed by our membership through an application process. This will allow for a standardized approach and streamlined process for evaluating and distributing funds to those with expressed financial need. There is an opportunity to facilitate direct (online) donations to the fund as well as fundraising opportunities to benefit this fund directly.

  3. Sponsor-A-Hurricane_Initiative: provides an opportunity for community members to directly sponsor a Hurricanes player. This allows for a deeper connection and engagement with our alumni and wider community members.

These pathways allow for a multi-tiered approach to financial assistance for players in need. Our goal is that every player who wants to play hockey is able to play in the MGHL.

Available Additional Resources


Programs that offer assistance:

1. Grindstone Award

Provide opportunities to young female hockey players who have a desire to play, but are unable to for financial reasons. Recipients will be selected from applications based on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis based upon the standards below. Recipients will be selected from qualified applicants regardless of race, color, religion, or sexual orientation of the applicant. Grant Funds will go towards hockey registration fees, to a maximum of $500.00.

2. Trevor Barton Foundation

The Foundation provides publicly-available monetary grants based on financial need and without regard to physical ability or natural aptitude for sports generally. These grants cover the costs associated with children and youth playing various sports and participating in physical activity generally.

3. Jumpstart

At Jumpstart, we are committed to ensuring kids in need have equal access to sports and physical activity – an equal chance to be their best. The Jumpstart Electronic Application is an online application that a Parent/Guardian can use to submit a request for funding to Jumpstart on behalf of their child/children. 

4. NHLPA Goals and Dreams

The National Hockey League Players’ Association Goals & Dreams fund now accepts online applications for equipment grants and individual funding through NHLPA Goals & Dreams fund which provides equipment grants to volunteer-based, grassroots hockey programs for up to 50 children.

. KidSport Canada

KidSport Toronto provides grant assistance to Toronto children and youth 18 years old and younger who are facing financial barriers preventing them from joining an organized sport. KidSport funds up to $250 per child per the calendar year.

6. Their Opportunity

Their Opportunity exists to support underserviced families with the means to enroll their children into local sports and recreation programs. We set out to eliminate the financial barriers so children can develop essential life skills such as confidence and sportsmanship, as well as develop a healthy lifestyle.  Their Opportunity hosts a unique Giveback Program where children receiving funding are required to “pay it forward” within their community.

7. Lace’Em Up Foundation

The Lace'Em Up Foundation for Kids provides financial assistance to low-income children across Canada. The grants help offset hockey registration costs with the goal of increasing youth hockey participation rates and reducing the financial burden on families. Our charity supports the community, grassroots, and elite-level hockey. Oftentimes, Lace‘Em Up funding starts where other organizations’ funding ends. Up to $1000 is covered per child.

8. The Assist Group

When adequate funding is available, successful applicants' bursaries will be based on the percentage of the cost of registration in the association you wish to play in. All bursaries are based on household income; the maximum income for qualifying is a total family income of $32,000.00 / year. Verification of income is required.