Breazzlyn Taylor, Roster, U15AA - Cosmo, U15 Rep League (Mississauga Girls Hockey League)

Player Profile
Breazzlyn Taylor Photo
#27 Breazzlyn Taylor
Position(s): Forward
Born: 2008
  • Bio
    Personal statement:I am a hardworking athlete with many aspirations in hockey, every time I play I am determined to make a positive difference for my team on the ice. I love to take feedback from my teammates and coaches and see results through my constant hard work and discipline. I try my best on and off the ice whether it’s during school or just helping my parents out at home. I train for 12 hours a week at speed which is a high performance program at Silverthorn. I also complete off ice activities such as running  and slalom water skiing.

    1. Speed 
    2. Stick handling
    3. Edge work
    4. Passing
  • Stats
    Player Statistics
    22-23 U15 Rep League - U15AA - Cosmo228190.360.4160