Ryleigh O'Brien, Roster, U15AA - Cosmo, U15 Rep League (Mississauga Girls Hockey League)

Player Profile
Ryleigh O'Brien Photo
#4 Ryleigh O'Brien
Position(s): Forward
Born: 2008
  • Bio
    Personal Statement: First and foremost I am a very “team first” player who strives to do my best but also wishes success upon my teammates. I believe being a good hockey player isn’t only about skill,  which is why I work so attentively on improving all attributes of myself. Skating is definitely my biggest strength which I believe gives me an easy upper-hand on competition. I love the idea and process of being a student of the game, I’m always happy to learn and follow through with new concepts and positioning plays. My plus/minus is extremely important to me so I’m pretty aggressive in always trying to improve it. For my schooling I have a long term goal to go to University for hockey. But I am currently still exploring areas of study that I may want to pursue.
    1. Work Ethic 2. Skating 3. Shot Blocks 4. Screening the Goalie
  • Stats
    Player Statistics
    22-23 U15 Rep League - U15AA - Cosmo121120.080.17160