2023-24 Coaches (Mississauga Girls Hockey League)

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MGHL 2023-2024 Rep Coaches

Coaches for the upcoming 2023-2024 season are noted below, please contact them directly for details about their program and openings on their teams.

Where there is more than one team at a particular level, the Mississauga Hurricanes 2023-24 teams are not defined as team 1 / team 2. All teams are considered equal.

Team Head Coach Email Phone Documents
 Athena Bartucci
[email protected] 647-449-8157  
U9B Nazia Khan
[email protected] 647-408-2413  
U11AA Trevor Chlebowski
[email protected] 416-823-6047  
U11BB Dan Bemmann
[email protected] 416-919-0199  
U13AA Deandra Locicero [email protected]   416-270-7248  
U13A Lynda Dalzell [email protected] 416-801-6489
U13BB Neil Ferguson
[email protected] 416-788-6325  
U13B Steve Bozicevic
[email protected] 416-804-3034  
U15AA Brittney Cosmo [email protected]  
U15A Amy Allen [email protected] 416-985-8982
U15A Neil Coreschi [email protected] 416-573-9148

U15BB Frank Candeloro [email protected] 416-303-0414  
U15B Hiro Okumura
(Associate Coach)
Nick Serediak
(Associate Coach)
[email protected] 647-773-4476  
U18AA Candace Kourounis [email protected]

U18A Steve Buzziol [email protected]   416-220-0675  
U18A Dave Macintosh
(Associate Coach)
Brett Sommerville
(Associate Coach)
[email protected]

[email protected]


U18A Jay Summers [email protected] 416-659-8171
U18BB Sal Caggiula [email protected] 416-606-9042
U18BB Charles Eddie
[email protected] 416-230-3433
U18BB Stephen Jones [email protected] 416-576-8922
U18B Jeff Clyne
[email protected]    
U18B Greg Delio [email protected]
U22AA Junior Darcy Breakey [email protected]

For questions, or to inquire about open positions, contact:
Charles Eddie | Rep Director | [email protected]