2021-22 Coaches (Mississauga Girls Hockey League)

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MGHL 2021-2022 Rep Coaches


We are currently looking for a Head Coach @ the U11B level (2011 / 2012 DOBs).

If interested contact: [email protected]

Coaches for the upcoming season are noted below, please contact them directly for details of their program and openings on their teams.

Note: Given the limited action during the 2020-2021 season and no guidance provided on traditional tryouts (none were held in 2020), we encourage players interested in REP that are coming from house league and/or other organizations to reach out directly to coaches (particularly those listed at the B and BB level).

Where there is more than 1 team at a particular level, the Mississauga Hurricanes 2021-22 teams are not defined as team 1 / team 2. All teams are considered equal. 

U9 A/B Vivek Adlakha [email protected] 647-588-6146
U11AA Deandra Locicero [email protected] 416-270-7248
U11BB Neal Ferguson [email protected] 416-788-6325
U13AA Carlos Neto [email protected] 647-282-3016 Coaching Plan
U13BB Neil Coreschi [email protected] 416-573-9148
U13B Nick Serediak [email protected] 416-568-3806
U15AA Brittney Cosmo  [email protected]  
U15A Justin Jordan [email protected] 416-710-3123
U15A Brett Sommerville [email protected] 905-464-1799
U15BB Charles Eddie [email protected] 416-230-3433
U15B Greg Dellio
Craig Wilson (Associate)
[email protected] 289-499-6197
U15B Roger Tedesco [email protected] 416-882-2650
U18AA Candace Kourounis [email protected]
U18A Kirk MacDonald
Dave MacIntosh (Associate)
[email protected]
[email protected]
U18A Dave Palmer [email protected] 416-998-8939
U18BB James DeSanto [email protected] 416-708-3971
U18BB Chris Fiore [email protected] 416-670-8534
U18BB Ken Willett [email protected] 647-801-3364
U18B Joe Di Carlo [email protected] 416-347-4840
U18B Stephen Jones [email protected] 416-576-8922
Junior Darcy Breakey [email protected]
U22A John Rinaldi [email protected]
Senior A Fred Stefaniuk [email protected]
Senior BB Drew Scollick [email protected]

Charles Eddie
Rep Director [email protected]