Development (Mississauga Girls Hockey League)


We take pride in developing the right skills, on and off the ice.

MGHL Development Philosophy

The primary purpose of the MGHL development program is to provide a player with both physical and mental training on and off the ice to compete at the highest level they are capable of.  This includes a focus on commitment, self-discipline and sportsmanship.  Players only develop with good coaching; so to improve coaching in the MGHL, emphasis is placed on education, communication and cooperation at all levels.  The primary goal of the program is to promote the development of hockey skills across the organization with a graduated approach as set out by Hockey Canada.  Skills and game day scenarios are not only taught by their team coaches, but are also strengthened with the MGHL strategy to development.  Coaches work on-ice together with Development instructors to give our players the best possible environment to learn.

MGHL Development Structure 

Teams are mandated to have development ice throughout the season.  This heightens competition and advancement of skill sets for the players, and is a forum for coaches to discuss the development of players and work with the assigned development supplier on areas of concern.  This "crossover-development" not only helps the player compete at a higher level but aids coaches if there is a need to call-up players.  The MGHL development program also strongly advises coaches to invite players from younger age groups at the same level (A, AA, etc.) to their regular team practices.

The MGHL organizes Development for teams automatically each year. See below to learn about the House League and Rep Development programs.

MGHL House League Development

The MGHL supports extra development for House League players and goalies during the year. In House League, teams receive special practices throughout the season that are organized by the league to build core skills in skating, shooting, passing, and team tactics.

MGHL Rep Development  

The MGHL Rep program provides Rep teams with extra development for players and goalies during the year. Rep teams receive special development practices every week from a Development Coach during the season. These sessions are customized for each team to build players' core hockey skills in skating, shooting, passing, and team tactics.

Other Development Opportunities

There are many other hockey Development opportunities for players and goalies. This page is under construction - come back for updates and links to development providers in our area.


For more information, contact
Brittney Cosmo | Development Director | [email protected]